About Me

My dream of being a tailor started at a young age. I made my first dress when I was 14 years old – white dress for my school dance. As a young girl, I was strongly influenced by my uncle who was a professional tailor. This time was during the USSR government and being a tailor was an honored profession with good money.

I received my professional tailor training in Barnaul (Siberia), Russia. I worked as a tailor in Barnaul for 15 years. I married and subsequently had a child. Unfortunately, my husband left me and I raised my child being a tailor. In 2007, I meet and fell in love with an American citizen – Weston. We are now married and live in Richardson, Texas.

When I spoke with American people about my work in Russia as a tailor, I quickly understood many American people could not find a professional tailor. Thus, I decided to create Richardson Alterations & Tailoring salon and provide personal tailor service.

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